Jul 29, 2011

A Pair of Socks from Hanes

Well, I am glad to reveal another win for the month of July. Today in the mail I got a nice surprise, apparently I had won a free pair of Hanes Comfort Toe Seam socks. I remember entering the sweepstake on Facebook but never got word that I had won so I was very excited for this little gift. It also came at a very good time, yesterday I had a long hard day and by the time I sat down to do my daily entering I had started to feel like "what is the point?" so after 5-6 I just quit entering. This was a nice little reminder that even after a crummy day it can still pay to take a few minutes out of your day to enter some give-a-ways. Thank you Hanes for this little gift, you can never have too many socks!

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